Venue & Accommodation

Venue & Accommodation
Conference Venue : Paradise Hotel Busan
The port city of Busan is South Korea’s second-largest metropolis, but its coastal location and beautiful beaches make it a popular retreat. Among the most favorite beaches is Haeundae, a twelve-kilometer stretch overlooking the Korea Strait, which is home to the Paradise Hotel & Casino. The hotel’s offerings are extensive, with pursuits from oceanic outdoor hot springs that use only abundant spa waters to an oriental spa treatment and ten acclaimed restaurants. Guests shouldn’t miss the microbrew at the quintessential British bar, Charlie’s Pub. The natural beauty of the mountain-meets-ocean landscape beckons. The sweeping vistas, including the mysterious Oryuk Islands, are admired from the hotel’s outdoor pools.


Gimhae Airport <-> Hotel
+ Limousine Bus Route 1 [Route] Gimhae Airport -> Intersection Tainan -> SK Networks -> Suyoung Crossroad -> Centum City Station -> BEXCO -> marina -> Hanwha Resort -> Modern hayion Hyperion intersection -> Westin Chosun Busan -> Haeundae Grand Hotel -> Novotel Ambassador -> Paradise Hotel Busan -> Pale De Cz -> Jangsan Station -> Haeundae Paik Hospital -> East Apartments -> Daelim Apartment -> East apartment opposite -> Home Plus -> Centum City Station -> Suyoung Crossroad -> Geumryeonsan Youth Center -> Tainan intersection -> International Office
[Schedule] First Bus 07:15 | Last Bus 21:40 | Allocation Interval 30min
+ Limousine Bus Route 2 [Route] International Office -> Domestic -> Hair Beach Apartments -> Haeundae Centum Hotel -> BEXCO -> yangun High School -> Datong Town -> East Apartments -> buheunggo Haeundae Paik -> Jangsan Station -> Novotel Ambassador -> Paradise Hotel Busan -> Seacloudhotel -> Grand Hotel -> Western Chosun Hotel -> benesiti apartments -> Hanwha Resort -> Trump World Marine (Hyundai I-Park) -> Gyeongnam Apartment -> Home Plus -> Centum City Station -> Namcheon Beach Market -> International Office -> Domestic
[Schedule] First Bus 06:45 | Last Bus21:45 | Allocation Interval 25min
+ Taxi
General 30,000KRW, Black Cab 45,000KRW or less (Approx. 40 mins)